Current Hairstyles Short Hair

Current short hairstyles are somehow products of styles that was going on for a while and it seems never lack of that coolness dimension. The short hairstyle was always an options for trendy young people, both women and men. It was opt because it is easy to do everyday and it doesn’t take a lot […]

Short Choppy Black Hairstyles

Short choppy hairstyle are one of the magnificent hair cut that could be wear into a formal yet fun occasion. Whatever and wheneever it is this style will made you look hot and rockin. The choppy layers are adding textures to your hair that would made it fabolous. And no mather what type of style […]

Cute Protective Hairstyles For Short Natural Hair

Protective hairstyles for short natural hair is not something impossible to do. If your hair is short doesn’t mean you had less options about hairstyling, also this protective hairstyles is the one that you could apply of any length of hair. Including the short ones. You can sure do it if you know how.   […]

Sassy Short Haircuts For Round Faces

Sassy short hairstyles are the one that could match every type shaped faces. The round, the love shaped, the rectangle, and so on. The sassy gave you that sexy and daring look. And it also looks good in any kind of hair color. The layers and the bangs of the hairstyle gave it a hot […]

Cute Short Haircuts For Thin Hair Pictures

Short hairstyles for thin fine hair are usually done without many varations. Somehow that it has been writen that the people with thin and fine hair could only have a boring long hair. Something that is traditional and conventional. But you should realise that this thoughts were wrong. The people with thin and fine hair […]

9 Top Trendy Short Hairstyles 2013

Trendy short hairstyles 2013 are the one that everybody looking for. The latest trend is always something exciting to find out. One of the fascinating short hairstyles of 2013 is the short dark rebelious hair. This style had a messy hair, and a bangs that covers almost your forehead. Somehow it seems like you are […]

Bridesmaid Hairstyle For Short Hair Gallery

Bridesmaid hairstyles for short hair can be done with just an accessories. Probably you never guess it before, but there is no doubt that accessories can make your appearance different, in addition that you are wearing a bridesmaid dress and on a wedding party. A tiara would be perfect, but a pin or a hair […]

Formal Hairstyles For Short Hair

Formal hairstyles for short hair can be fullfilled with several addition to it, such as a few curls, flips, accessories, or even a few splashes of color. It all can made a short hair versatile and given a new level of demension. So, who said that a short hair can be done as a formal […]

Best Short Hairstyles

Short hairstyles curly hair especially for men can be layered to give thicker look not to mention fine looking with healthy hairlines. Short hairstyles wavy hair especially for thin hair will be awesome by wearing curly hairdo so that amazing in preserving fine elegance of men. Short hairstyles men curly hair is popular as cute […]

Hairstyles For Fine Hair

Messy short hairstyles are one of the hairtrend nowadays. It is easily aplied to your hair, especially the thin and fine hair. But it doesn’t mean that people with the curly hair couldn’t had it. This kind of hairstyle could’ve been done to every type of hair. But it doesn’t always look good in every […]